Solar Battery Storage Solutions

It is estimated that households use just 25% of the energy produced by their solar panels. Solar batteries allow you to store excess electricity for use on occasions when there is less daylight, during the night or during power cuts. Essentially most household energy is used in the evenings, or early mornings when there is less daylight so, it makes sense to store the excess energy generated

Excess electricity produced by solar panels is returned to the power grid, whereas with a solar battery it can be stored for use later. You may also become eligible for a lower usage tariff because you will be during less power from the national grid.

AreAndR will advise you on the best battery for your current or new solar panel system and the costs involved in its purchase and installation. Whether the battery solution is for a commercial or domestic property,  there are many considerations when purchasing a solar battery, which is why AreAndR, as accredited MCS renewable energy specialists, we are well placed to offer the best advice around.

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